Congrats to all the 2018 Scholarship Recipients


We would like to congratulate all the 2018 scholarship recipients this year. We had a lot of great applicants which made our task of deciding a difficult one.  We are excited to see that the scholarships will be going to all of these students and furthering their educational journey. We had the opportunity to meet and talk with each one of these applicants and these are some amazing people who will do a lot of great things. I had the opportunity to have one of the trustees and founders, Linda Kofford here with me the day we awarded the checks. Linda and I both agreed that it was a great pleasure to meet and get to know each one of the recipients and hear their stories. Thank you Linda for taking time to come that day.  We want to thank all those that took the time to apply and encourage all of you to apply again next year. We look forward to another successful year in 2019 and can’t wait to see all the great applicants. Thanks for all your support in the IEA and Scholarship Foundation.

Here is a list of all the recipients and their companies:

  • Mara Vandyke
  • Cindy Mueller
  • Cayden Nelson
  • Nathan Black
  • Jaclyn France
  • Landon Trusty
  • Ivyllyn Black
  • Jonathan Schilling
  • Ellie Siddoway’
  • Tanner Eliason
  • Mikkel Sutorius
  • Mathew Moffitt
  • Julie Nguyen
  • Shantel Sutorius
  • Ainsley Harvey
  • Abigail Shemwell
  • Teigen Judd
  • Taylor Sahli
  • Tim Webber
  • Skyler Prochnow
  • Mallory Wood
  • Kristine Voet
  • Gabrielle Fritsch
  • Madeline Hunt
  • Joseph Hancock
  • Brooklyn Butler
  • Erin Berdahl
  • Taelor Walker
  • Jaxon Desmarais


  • Taylor Electric
  • Wasatch Electric
  • Tec Electric
  • GSL
  • CED
  • Wesco
  • Control Tech
  • BNA
  • Crescent
  • InfinTeam
  • IBEW
  • Rydalch
  • Skyline
  • Associated Reps