Hogs For Humanity 2016

Hogs LogoCome join us for our 7th Annual Hogs for Humanity Ride!

This year we will be raising money for Emma! Emma is 8 years-old and was diagnosed with brain tumors last January. She had brain surgery on Feb 4, 2015. It left her with complete right side neglect. She is not aware of anything on her right side past midline unless she looks across at it. Her vision was severely impaired, and she cannot read anything past her midline. She also has right side weakness. She walks with a severe limp, and cannot use her right arm at all. She also had a stroke during surgery, and now has aphasia. She is developmentally delayed now, and was left with a very low IQ (in sever range). They had to remove part of her temporal lobe to get to the tumors. This caused a lot of problems for her in learning and memory and language development. Some tumors were not able to be removed because it was too dangerous to do so. So, we have been doing follow up MRI’s to track them. Last week a follow-up MRI showed significant growth in the tumor that is attached to her corroded artery (they couldn’t remove it last time do to it being attached). Her Brain surgeon decided it was time to go back in and try to remove it again. If he is not able to remove it, she will have to start chemo. She will have a full spine MRI in January to check for any spreading into the spinal column, which will help us know if chemo should be used to target it. She will have brain surgery to try and remove the growing tumor on Tuesday, Jan 26th. The surgeon will go in from the back of her brain, the occipital area this time to try to get a better angle to remove it. The tumors removed last year were all ganglioglioma. They will do another biopsy this time to make sure it is the same and nothing has changed. Emma is being raised by her mother, who is a school teacher and they are in extreme debt due to medical and household bills. They would be so grateful to receive assistance from Hogs for Humanity and Children and the Earth.

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