Hogs For Humanity 2017 – Zach Registration and Sponsors

Meet Zach!!

This year we will be riding to get Zach a Van to assist him in getting out with his mom!

Update to Zachs story! His father has left and It is now just Zach and his mother! Lets get this amazing boy and his mom the transportaion they need!

Zach has always been a fighter. He was born 13 weeks early weighing 2lbs. From the moment he was born he was always in charge and did things his way on his timetable. He’s had a number of hurdles to leap over, but has not stopped surprising us with every jump. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy 2 weeks before his first birthday and a seizure disorder on his first birthday. Most of Zach’s life has been spent in and out of the hospital, going to weekly therapies, and going to school. In 2010 Zach had a full left sided Hemispherectomy ( full removal of the left brain hemisphere). This stopped his seizures and gave him his life back. There’s only one problem. We have reached a place in our lives where Zach has grown to big to be lifted in and out of places. For instance, Zach has to be lifted from his wheelchair into our van in order for him to go places. Zach is only taken places if it’s an absolute has to, like for a doctor’s appointment. Both Mom and Dad have back issues from lifting him. Things have now become extremely unsafe for everyone. With the snow and rain we have almost dropped him a few times and a family member was injured trying to get Zach in the car. As his mom I’ve done everything in my power to keep Zach alive and healthy. The one thing I have not been able to provide is a safe way for Zach to go and do things his family gets to do. I wish that I could take Zach grocery shopping, to the park, even to go see grandma. I cannot do those things because it’s to dangerous for us. We have had people and foundations say they will pay for modifications if we provided the van. We went into debt for a van and they all backed out, leaving us in financially in a hole and so upside-down on the van that we can’t even get a loan and trade it in. Zach’s wish is the same as mine, his dad and his sister. We need a wheelchair accessible Van. A van that Zach can use his power chair to go places.


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