We’ve just posted the Hogs for Humanity event on our events page. This year it will take place on August 10th. You can register or sponsor the event by going to our event page here: https://ieatoday.com/event/hogs-for-humanity-2019/

The Cause

This year our cause is to help Olivia. Olivia is 3-years-old and has been diagnosed with lissencephaly and quadriparesis cerebral palsy. She is the youngest of three children, and is absolutely adored by her big brothers. She enjoys listening to music, being in the water, feeling the breeze, playing with her favorite toy (a bead curtain), and petting the family dogs. She also loves babbling in her own little Olivia language, and she “talks” to her family all day long! Although our sweet girl is plagued with many daily seizures, she is so happy and is quick to flash a big smile to be the center of attention.

Olivia is unable to walk or crawl and is completely dependent on her family members to carry her everywhere, which is becoming increasingly difficult as she gets bigger. We are eager to make our home wheelchair accessible so Olivia never has to miss a second of family time.

Visit the Hogs for Humanity Details page for more information and to register or sponsor the event.

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