This year Hogs for Humanity will take a different route. Our traditional ride will not take place due to COVID-19 and the unpredictable times but that will not stop us from celebrating 10 years of Hogs for Humanity and our cause to help Kate and Ellie. With your help we are hoping to reach our goal this year in helping the Haroldsen family get a camper/trailer to start making family memories. COVID19 has stopped a lot of us from getting together to celebrate the cause but Kate and Ellie’s Fight doesn’t stop. Please donate to help us give them an escape with family time away. Thank you for all your support in the Hogs for Humanity Ride throughout the 10 years we’ve been helping children in need. We will see you next year for the traditional ride but for now please share our passion in helping these sweet girls during these unprecedented times.

The Cause:

Kate and Ellie Haroldsen are identical twins that are both fighting Leukemia at the age of 3 (their birthday was May 30). Kate was diagnosed in October 2019, Ellie was diagnosed in March 2020. The treatment to fight their type of cancer is about 2 1/2 years that requires them to get chemotherapy treatments weekly for the first 9 or so months, followed by daily chemo pills, hospital visits, and regular lumbar punctures for the next year and a half. While undergoing treatment they are immuno-compromised, which makes going anywhere scary, especially during COVID-19. They are the youngest of 5 children (ages 13, 11, 8, 3, 3). They are not able to leave the house much in order to protect the twins. We are working on making good memories at home and love playing outside.

Kate and Ellie were just happy little toddlers that loved playing together and with their older brothers and sister.  Last summer Kate kept complaining of leg pain and was decreasing in energy. After a while we took her to the Dr. to try and figure out if something was wrong. We ended up getting the devastating news that she had Leukemia and would need to go to the hospital the next day to be admitted for a week to start treating her cancer. After genetic testing we were told that Ellie had a 15% chance of also having it. While Kate was getting her weekly chemo treatments, we would take Ellie in every 6 weeks for a blood draw to check for cancer cells. In March Ellie started to complain that her legs hurt and she was dancing around less. We notified our oncologist and got her in for another blood test (just two weeks after the previous one that was clear), only to find out that she now also had Leukemia. Her diagnosis happened when all of the COVID-19 craziness started. We pulled our kids out of school, to start homeschooling just before they shut the schools down and to protect them from germs.  Any sickness for the twins ends up being a hospital stay, so it is very important that they stay healthy so our family can stay together!

Hogs for Humanity

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