We were unable to get the ride put together due to the police escort cancelling all rides until further notice. This is usually in August so I want to send out an email letting everyone know that the ride is being postponed until April-May of 2022.

A Big Thank You!

We’d like to thank all those that donated last year to help the Haroldsen Twins battling Leukemia. We were able to get them the trailer this spring for them to enjoy. Thank you for making that possible and a thank you to Winward Electric for the connection at General RV so we could get them one. As I’m sure you all know, RV’s are not easy to find and the owner said he had 75 of that exact trailer on order so we were lucky to have gotten that one when we did. The family and kids were so excited and look forward to get outside their home and enjoy being outside safely.

Please continue to donate anytime you are able to support the great Hogs for Humanity cause. We look forward to seeing you next spring at an earlier date. Details on that to come towards the end of the year.

We would still accept donations this year and all proceeds will go to help our cause next year

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